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Razakel - Gores Truly


The new album from Razakel with special guests Kung Fu Vampire, Texas Microphone Massacre, Insane Loc and the Soska Sisters. CD cover art painted by Ryan "Almighty" Gillikin with Razakel's very own blood! Produced by Badmind, Godsynth, Tim Gerron and Heath Tull. Mixed & Mastered by Travis Martin of ZKAudio.


1. Intro (produced by BadMind)
2. Petite Morte (produced by BadMind)
3. Audible Nightmare (produced by BadMind)
4. Jane Doe ft. Kung Fu Vampire (produced by BadMind)
5. Lost Ones (produced by Heath Tull & Tim Gerron)
6. Severed Dick ft. The Soska Sisters
7. Jack 2 my Sally ft. Texas Microphone Massacre (produced by Godsynth)
8. Ambuhlance ft. Insane Loc (produced by BadMind)
9. Novelty (produced by BadMind)
10. Finish Line (produced by BadMind)