Razakel - Muerta: Re-Up CD


Razakel is back with another full length album in less than 6 months after her highest selling record to date "Muerta". This is not a remix album, though remixes are featured on the record this album contains BRAND NEW MATERIAL from the underground's Queen Bxtch. Featuring production by THESICKBEATS.COM and recorded at WorldWide Studio's this album will bridge the gap between reality and nightmares!

1. Another dose of Death Intro
2. I Remember (Hater's Aftermath)
3. Horror Queens ft. Skum of Domestic Violence
4. Once Upon A Crime
5. All I See Is Blood
6. Homicidal Poetry ft. Miss Kisa
7. Megan/C.A.K.E ft. Big K of Mental Ward
8. Murder The World
9. Carrie Voorhees ft. Tiny Jr. of SGF, Lyssa Cer & 2Face
10. Cock Block ft. Ruby, Molly Gruesome & Lil V
11. My biggest fan (skit)
12. Bite Me
13. Confessions Of A Lust Baby ft. SickTanicK
14. Dead is Better Prelude
15. Sour Ground ft. Komatose
16. System
17. Danger Zone ft. Big Lokote
18. Yesterday's Dead ft. Majik Duce
19. I Don't Like You ft. Sik Mob, Two Clipz & Stitch Mouth
20. Poison Interlude
21. Liquid Death ft. The J.Hexx Project